Chewing the Scenery

By Davina Elliott

Chewing The Scenery Book Cover“So,” said Wesley, “Alexander has walked out again, Judith is re-directing the play and you suspect a major conspiracy. Anything else I should know before I swallow an entire bottle of Valium?”

Legendary leading lady, Judith Gold, is at loggerheads with avant-garde theatre director Alexander Columbus on a West End production of the ghostly comedy Blithe Spirit. Judith considers he is ruining an excellent play, an opinion shared by fellow cast members, movie star Rupert Blake and his possessive real life wife, the glamorous though selfish, Miranda Flynn. Alexander believes he has the ambitious young Scarlett Montgomery on his side, in addition to Echo, the vacuous American ex-beauty queen, who has virtually no theatre experience and even less talent. Isabelle Whiteside is only interested in whoever delivers the best gossip, while Adam Lane merely prays to overcome his chronic stage fright.

For producer Wesley Bartlett, what had promised to be the perfect project has turned into a theatrical nightmare, complete with unexploded bombs and air raid sirens in what is supposed to be a 1930s drawing room comedy.

What people have said about the book:

After nervously reading the first 20 pages to check none of the characters were based on me, I then spent the next 300 laughing out loud and while I cunningly planed which part I should try and bribe someone for when the inevitable Film is made!!!! A truly, fantastically camp, hilarious, easy and well observed piece of writing. Remarkable for a first novel!!!!”      Amanda Holden

Oh dear, she knows us thesps far too well. It’s a sparkling, wicked book, very funny & saucy & frighteningly accurate. Read & be delighted.”      Miriam Margolyes

Theatre folk picked apart with the forensic wit of a vulture after a couple of gin and tonics. Damn good fun.”      Nigel Planer
Hugely entertaining tale.”      AS Magazine
A blithe and at times sublime experience . . . will make any reader laugh.”   British Theatre Guide website

ISBN 978-0-9560960-0-5