Climbing the Curtain

By Davina Elliott

Climbing The Curtain Book CoverJanet sighed happily. “It’s such a lovely company.” Rupert gave a short laugh. “You must be the only person to think that. We’ve got a notoriously difficult leading lady, an ex-Hollywood prima donna, a supporting actress who saves hedgehogs and wears no underwear, and an actor who’s a drunk.”

Judith Gold, grande dame of the British theatre, has chosen her latest venture – a stage adaptation of the classic film All About Eve, written to her specifications. Resolving to have complete control, she informs producer Wesley Bartlett that she will select both creative team and cast. The result is a spineless director and the perfect acting ensemble, including movie star Rupert Blake.

Yet even Judith can’t control her company’s offstage lives, which threaten to cause onstage chaos. How fitting therefore that a respected war correspondent is taking an unusual interest in the play – and its leading lady.

What people have said about the book:

Are actors really like this? Yes, guilty as charged! My only regret is that I’ve finished it.‘   Susie Blake

This is a dangerously funny book – dangerous because I will never trust a dresser again. Davina knows all our secrets and knows how to exaggerate them to great comic effect.‘   Harriet Walter

Fantastic writing, laugh out loud comedy and moments that could easily provoke tears.‘   British Theatre Guide website

‘ . . . this fabulous page turner . . . not only equals her first novel but surprasses it by a country mile. It’s a brilliant read!’    Amateur Stage Magazine

ISBN 978-0-9560960-1-2