Storming the Stage

By Davina Elliott

Storming The Stage Book Cover“Losing her gloves yesterday and her notes today – don’t tell me our so-called star is losing her marbles too,” Digby sneered, as he took his coat off and grandly handed it to the stage manager to hang up.
“At least I haven’t lost my talent, you debauched troll,” Judith retorted. “Presuming you had any to start with.”

“Welcome to another fun packed-day at the All About Eve rehearsals,” Rupert drawled.Judith Gold, grande dame of the British theatre, has brought her acclaimed stage production of All About Eve to Broadway. As ever Judith is at loggerhead with everything and everyone who doesn’t live up to her exacting standards, especially two of her co-stars, method film actress Mindy Blue and arrogant has-been TV actor Digby Weston.

Meanwhile, Judith’s possessions are being systematically sabotaged, while her demand for theatrically ascending chandeliers is declined by producer Wesley Bartlett. At least Rupert Blake, her favourite leading man, is there to rely on – and to attempt to keep the peace.

Is Broadway ready for a loud-mouthed, opinionated English actress with attitude, and in the most American of plays?

 “I suppose working with Judith is a bit like giving birth . . . once it’s over you forget the pain and go back for more.”

ISBN 978-0-9560960-2-9